Selected Exhibitions


From 1957: International Exhibition at the World Festival of Youth; showed award-winning diploma work. Exhibited regularly at Moscow and All-Union venues.

From 1976: Exhibited with various galleries in Great Britain and at “Art Expos” (London, New York, Washington), in Norway and at the Edinburgh Festival (1985, 1987).


Since 1980 – member of the Association of Graphic Artists of Great Britain and regular exhibitor with the Association at various venues. In the 1980s and 1990s exhibited regularly in Scotland and the North of England with the printing studios “Charlotte Press” and “Northern Print”.

Collages exhibited in the exhibition of Russian collage at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow in 2003.


1964 Series of linocuts for Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. Literature Museum, Moscow.

1976 Retrospective exhibition of paintings and sculpture. Gulbenkian Gallery, Newcastle, England.

1977, 15th May–11th June. Illustrated books in the University Library of Durham, Palace Green (later in Newcastle Public Library).

1977, 15th May–11th June. Collingwood College, University of Durham. Paintings and prints.

1977, 21st September–8th October. Paintings and prints with Poole-Galbraith Fine Art at The Arts Centre, Jersey, Channel Isles.

1979, University of London, Senate house. Paintings, sculpture, prints and screens.

1980, Paintings. Hellmann Gallery, West Germany.

1981, 30th November–24th December. Portraits. University of Durham, Dunelm House.

1985, 15th April–11th May. A series of prints and collages: “London 1984”. Bishopsgate Foundation, London.

1986, 11th–24th November. A series of prints “Greece and Mount Athos”. Grey’s Gallery, Gosforth.

1987, 23th–18th  December. Prints and watercolors: “Greece and Mount Athos”. Bishopsgate Foundation, London.

1988, 30th March–29th May. A series of  prints for Goethe’s “Faust”. Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, London.

1988, 14th October–14th November. Series of prints for Goethe’s “Faust”. Faust Museum, Knittlingen, West Germany.

1990, 14th March–30 April. Graphic works. Academy of Arts, Riga, Latvia.

1992, 20th September–4th October. “Kirill Sokolov. A contemporary Russian artist in England”. Vicarage Gallery, North Shields.

1992, April–May. “X Years Work 1982-1992”. Graphic works. The House of the Artist, Krymskaya Naberezhnaya, Moscow.

1992  Graphic works. Perm State Art Gallery.

1993, 5th April–8th May.  Works for the Theatre. Hatton Gallery, Newcastle.

1994, 25th April–21st May.  “Pictures for an exhibition”, mixed media, mainly graphic works. Clayton Gallery. At the Gulbenkian “Playhouse” Theatre, Newcastle.

1995, 17th November–21st December, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle. “Retrospective. Paintings and sculpture”.

1996, 21st November–9th December. “Retrospective. Paintings and sculpture. 1970-1996”. The House of the Artist, Moscow.

1998 “Kirill Sokolov. Retrospective. Paintings and graphic works”. State Art Gallery, Perm, Russia.

1999 Selection from the “Faust” series. Manchester Cathedral.

2002, 27th November–December. Reliefs, collage, sculpture. «Nashe Nasledie», Moscow.

2004, 17th February–12th March. «Alexander Blok in memoriam». Works in various media inspired by Blok’s drama and poetry 1954-2004. Museum-flat Alexandr Blok, St Petersburg.

2004, February–March. «”Faust” prints and a small exhibition of recently gifted paintings, sculptures and reliefs, 1988-1999». Perm State Art Gallery.


Posthumous exhibitions



2005 “Commemoration of the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Victory in World War Two”. Exhibition of Soviet and Russian art 1960-2005, Embassy of the Russian Federation with the assistance of the Avant-Garde Gallery, London.

2005 June-July. “Revisiting Soviet realism”, (continuation of exhibition at Embassy). The Chambers Gallery, London.



2006, 1st October–22nd October. “Kirill Sokolov 1930-2004. Retrospective”. With the assistance of Henry Dyson Fine Art Grey College, University of Durham.

2007, 5th–31st May. “Kirill Sokolov 1930-2004. Exhibition for the Third Anniversary of his death”, graphic works. State Museum of A.S. Pushkin, Andrey Bely Memorial Flat, Moscow.

2007, 10th–23nd September. Retrospective. Gallery 47, London, With the assistance of Henry Dyson Fine Art.

2008, 1st July–17th August. “Kirill Sokolov 1930-2004. Retrospective”. The International Gallery, Laesø, Denmark, Henry Dyson, Fine Art.

2009, March–April. “Russia and Scotland in the work of Kirill Sokolov 1930-2004”. Russia and Scotland Society, Edinburgh.

2009, 19th November–19th December. “Kirill Sokolov (1930-2004) art work on religious themes”. St. Chad’s College, University Durham.

2009 “Spetsios 1989”. In memoriam for Max Hayward. Paintings and drawings by Kirill Sokolov. St. Anthony’s College, University Oxford.

2010, 12th–14th May. London, Pushkin House. “Kirill Sokolov. Late Works”.

2011, 26th–28th May. Exhibition of Illustrations to Andrei Platonov’s “Kotlovan”. International Conference, Ghent, Belgium.

2012, 8th–17th June. “Platonov in art graphic. Kirill Sokolov”. Exhibition of Illustrations to Andrei Platonov’s. “The Foundation Pit”, II International Platonov Art Festival, the I.N. Kramskoi Regional Art Museum, Voronezh.

2012, summer. “Kirill Sokolov. Pictures and sculptures”. Laesø, Denmark. The International Gallery, Henry Dyson, Fine Art.

2012, 3rd–17th November. “Kirill Sokolov 1930-2004”. Leicester, “The Sutton Gallery”, selling exhibition.

2013, 13th–27th July. “Kirill Sokolov 1930-2004”. Gallery 17, Edinburgh, selling exhibition.

2014, 4 April–5 May. “The Countryside as Memory” (Derevnia kak pamiat’). Kirill Konstantinovich Sokolov 1930-2004. St Petersburg, V.V. Nabokov Museum.

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Greece and Mount Athos

1987 23th–18th December. Prints and watercolors: “Greece and Mount Athos”. Bishopsgate Foundation, London.

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1986 11th–24th November. A series of prints “Greece”. Grey’s Gallery, Gosforth.

Friday, 22 August 2014 00:00

London 1984

1985 15th April–11th May. A series of prints and collages: “London 1984”. Bishopsgate Foundation, London.

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