“I began to sculpt in 1975 – 1976. Fundamentally, the basis of the work was the emigré complex . I could not believe in the unfamiliar environment, landscapes, objects for still life, etc. It seemed the only way out at the time was to make my own objects that I could be certain of. Hence the first sculptures. I collected rubbish, bones, bits of wood, television antennae and combined them in space. Ignorance of the rules of sculpture was an advantage. There was a kind of primitive surge of creativity. It was from this I begun to base painting and sculpture consciously on the archaic. <…> The general direction which defines my sculpture is the metaphoric, where one thing is expressed through another. It is essential that the original components should be recognisable”. (Notebook No 218, 1998).

The Cat

1994, painted stone, metal, wooden basis, 28.5x16x21.5 Private collection, UK


1994, bronze, iron, marble, 37.5х24х22.5

“Lama Sabachthani” Crucifixion

1997, bronze, iron, granite, 120х81х30 Durham Cathedral

Old Testament Angel

2000-es, bronze, 64.5x27.5x24.5

Warrior with weapon

Objets trouvés: wood, metal, bone, 24.5x22x9.5

Lion of St. Mark

1984, wood, paint, metal rods, 46х38,5х15,5 Perm State Art Gallery

Three faces

Two white and black on blue 38.5x56.5x3.5