Welcome to the website of the Russian artist Kirill Konstantinovich Sokolov.

Just for fun, I would like to declare three simple truths:
There no separate forms of art; nothing should be called art that ought to go by some other name; in order create a work of art, it is essential to have the requisite skills...

Alexandre Blok «On the calling of Poet», 1921


“Art schools nowadays teach self-expression instead of technique”, – Kirill would say explosively. “Temperament is inborn and cannot be taught. Technique is acquired. You have to learn the rules before you can break them”. He was all contradiction: intensely emotional and analytic, contemplative and spontaneous, tragic and humorous. His taste ran to classical literature and graffiti, icon and pub sign, wood cut and monumental art. He fashioned his own environment, turning to sculpture when he left his native Russia and found himself surrounded by a reality which looked to him like two-dimensional stage-design, yet using peaty earth and sand to intensify the functional realism of his Northern and Scottish landscapes. Russian to the core, he was happy in Greece and Egypt, but the place he loved best on earth was probably the corrugated iron Bethel temple at Goswick Station which, for the last fifteen years of his life, served as his live-in studio.