Last years 1999-2004

A second turning-point was the successful cancer operation in 1998. Sokolov returned to what, in a 1975 article for Leonardo, he had called the simpleton’s view of art, from which artists are aware of an object from several points of view simultaneously as when a child depicts a house as having three walls, or a face at once in full and profile. The later work is smaller, gentler, plays rather than struggles with material and owes much to children’s drawings.

The owl and the pussycat

2003, collage mix media (coloured paper), acrylic, chalk on board,…

Moby Dick: Man in boat spearing fish, silver sun

2003, collage mix media, collage (kitchen foil, black and red…

Abstract: black and red squiggle on yellow and grey spray on white

2003, collage mixed media, black and red paper, spray, acrylic,…

Three shapes

2002, fibre-glas: bas-relief, spray, 2002


2003, mixed media, pencil, chalk, acrylic on canvas, 36х28

Boat and san

2003, mixed media, acrylic on roughly torn card sand coloured…