Sokolov earned his living as a book-illustrator until he left Russia aged forty-four. He also illustrated books for which he had no commissions (Gogol, early pastels to “Balaganchik” and Blok’s poetry, watercolours to Andrei Bely’s “Peterburg”, Hamlet) and continued to do so throughout his life (Goethe’s “Faust”, later Blok prints and silkscreens, lithographic for Platonov’s “The Foundation Pit”).

Petersburg in delirium

Watercolour to Andrei Belii’s novel “Petersburg” 1954, 41.6х30

Misha the Smith sets out to identified kulaks

From the series of illustrations to Andrei Platonov “The Foundation…


Cover of the projected book The Life of Christ 1981,…

The Retrospective Book of Engravings

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