Archetypal Figures

The discovery of archaic form in sculpture led to the exploration of the mythical foundations of culture in history and the mind of man. Sokolov borrowed the term Achetypal from Jung, whom he read assiduously. In his painting, highly formalised figures act out myth and parable against an elemental background. “There is”, he once said “a staircase from realism through the archetype to abstraction. At the moment it is the last two steps which interest me most” (Interview “Monmartre by the Butyrka, Moscow, 2002”).

Two blind men

1994, acrylic on canvas on hardboard, 151.5x109 In the Classics…

Two abstract figures

1996, oil on canvas on board, 122.2x129.5

Three seated figures (homages à Rublev)

1997, acrylic on board, 118.5x101.8

Standing figure

1996, acrylic

Man and woman

2000, acrylic on hardboard